Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions we hear most often concerning our filing supplies. Contact us directly with questions not addressed here.

  • What kind of index tabs does your company print and sell?
    APS offers Avery style index tabs that 95% of law firms use.
  • How quickly will you process our order?
    Most orders submitted to us before noon will ship the same business day.
  • What type of paper do you print your index tabs on?
    APS prints on a 32# ledger stock that is 92 bright white and 30% post consumer recycled paper.
  • How will my order ship?
    We ship all orders via UPS.
  • Does your index tab meet court requirements for recycled paper?
    Yes, our paper stock not only meets but exceeds the courts requirements for recycled paper.
  • Will sales tax be added to my order?
    We only add sales tax onto orders for California all out of state orders will ship out without sales tax added.
  • How long has your company been in business?
    Associates Printing Services had proudly served the legal profession since 1987.
  • Why are some index tabs printed on a heavier paper stock?
    Some vendors print on heavier stock because they can purchase the paper for less and save money. The paper stock we use is a 32# bright white, recycled sheet. The lighter weight stock is very durable and will not add excess weight to your legal document.
  • Can I purchase high numbered side tab indexes from your company?
    APS Legal Tabs stocks side tab numbered tabs up to 2,000. If you need numbered tabs higher that 2,000 we can print them as a custom job.
  • Can I pay for my order with a business check instead of a credit card?
    Yes - absolutely. Please call our customer service desk and place your order over the telephone and ask our service representative to send you our credit application. Our telephone is (925) 228-1511 or Toll Free (800) 894-0881
  • What other printing does your firm print?
    Associates Printing Service is a full service legal printing company. You can order stationery items from us such as letterhead, 2nd sheets, envelopes, business cards, labels, checks, folders and brochures. Call our customer service department to request a quote for your printing needs. Telephone (925) 228-1511 or Toll Free (800) 894-0881
  • What is Engraving?
    Like letterpress, the process of engraving imposes ink onto paper under intense pressure, creating images with a unique look and feel unavailable through flat printing. Unlike letterpress, however, type and graphics are raised on each piece of paper. To achieve this result, metal plates are etched with a recessed image. Metal plates are then hand-aligned on the press. Once aligned, the plate is coated with ink and then blotted using kraft paper to clean the plate, leaving only the image with ink remaining. The paper is then hand-fed and each piece is applied under two tons of pressure, creating an embossed image with startling clarity, color purity and depth. Call APS with to place your order for engraved stationery items.
  • What is thermography printing?
    Thermography printing is a type of printing process which uses heat to melt powdered ink onto the paper, resulting in a raised effect. It is also known as thermographic printing, offset thermography and raised printing. Thermography printing will give you the look an feel of engraved printing for a fraction of the cost - call APS to and ask if thermography printing will work for your law firm.
  • How do I copy protect a paper document?
    There are many security measures that software and media companies use to prevent people from copying their products. Unfortunately, there aren't many options for protecting paper documents. The easiest way to prevent someone from making accurate copies of your materials is by watermarking them. A watermark can be images or words, applied lightly on the background. Any copies of the document will include the watermark as identification. Call APS today and ask about watermarking your next printed document.

  • Custom Index Tabs – do you provide those?
    Yes - we offer custom index tabs for all your indexing needs.

    The use of custom index tabs makes it much easier to organize information and puts a professional polish on presentations, booklets, sales books, catalogs, directories and manuals.

    Custom Index gives your customers the ultimate flexibility for their organizing needs, with index tabs in clear or 23 different colors. Options include printing body copy—including your company reorder information; hole punching, reinforcing, or collating; PMS ink; your choice of paper stock; or any other customization you need. Contact us today to discuss the countless options we offer for banking, mortgage and financial records; medical charts for use in physicians' and healthcare practitioners' offices, nurses' stations, and hospital records departments; employee handbooks and other human resources materials for corporations; contact directories for organizations; and so much more. Contact APS today (800) 894-0881
    Answers to the most common questions about filing supplies for the legal profession.